As we work out how we will collectively and individually respond to both of Neil's talks on Creation, here are some useful links and ideas.  More to follow as we learn and develop.




Our Response so far:

Hope: For Creation

Why does it matter? / From our Sunday Worship 11 July 2021

Ecosia Search Engine

Plant trees as you search the internet

Ink Cartridge & Toner Recycling

Did you know?

  • Cartridges thrown away take 1000 years to decompose
  • More than 40 million cartridges are dumped each year in the UK

We have joined forces with Empties Please who take your used cartridges to recycle them and then donate the money raised back to Holy Trinity & St Saviour's.  A list of accepted cartridges is on the Empties Please website.  Please check it out before placing your empties in the boxes at the back of both churches. 

Creation: Our Response

What can we do? / 18 July 2021 - with a printable ideas list here.

Realities of the Climate Crisis

Orbisa's story / A Tearfund Video

Wonder & Joy in Creation

An amazing watch of our amazing world...

Creation Care Pledge

Lord of life and giver of hope, 

we pledge ourselves to the care for creation.

to reduce our waste, to live sustainably,

and to value the rich diversity of life.

May your wisdom guide us,

that life in all its forms may flourish,

and may be faithful in voicing creation’s praise.

May our commitment we have made this day be matched by our faithful living. Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

50 Ways Your Home Could Save The Earth

There are lots of easy -- and fun -- ways to conserve energy.  Huffington Post has some clever ideas on other ways to do it. 

Click on the image to see it in greater detail or download it to your device here.